Ode to an Insufferable Advocate

What are you able to build with your lies
Integrity crumbles; trust withers and dies
Your boasts of endowment and feat
Beg Karma’s inscription on short term’s lease
From a charlatan’s pulpit you beat ire’s chest
Dragooning those of goodwill who decline your behest
Blow by blow, whack, thwack, wallop
Bellows the bark of narcissist’s trollop
Black and blue is the child whose parent you proffer
Contused the vocation that breeds leviathan’s toddler
But while the apathy in which you so charitably marinate
May in the short term fund kindness and empathy’s wake
Tyranny’s engine will soon sputter and falter
Providence will not long suffer browbeating ogres
Crassness will never be civility’s pimp
So, say all those aggrieved by arrogance’s imp
Clutch vulgarity’s sledgehammer, grumble and growl
Humility’s quiet forever transcends provocation’s howl
Justice’s blindfold is shriveling in sorrow
But peace and probity come tomorrow
Peace and probity come tomorrow

— By Rachel A. Elovitz
October 9, 2017