Our Family Wizard

Written by Rachel Aliza Elovitz

Our Family Wizard (what you may not know)
Website: http://www.ourfamilywizard.com/ofw/

I suspect most family and juvenile judges, child specialists, family therapists, and family law attorneys are now aware of this amazing website, but for those who are either not familiar with it or who may be unaware of all it does – or what it costs – I thought I’d share a few bullet points of info:


  1. Parents can create parenting plans.
  2. Share family calendars.
  3. Memory bank to share documents (academic, medical).
  4. Memory board to share protected messages.
  5. A parent can make child support payments without sharing bank account info, without wage garnishments, without fees that the parent would have through DCSS, and to maintain a record of payments.
  6. Allows the client to journal events and keep those notes confidential.
  7. An expense log and allows parents to make payments directly from their bank accounts and to reimburse the other parent for their share of medical expenses, extracurricular activities, etc.
  8. A notification system (so you can let the other parent know when a payment is made by email, text – per the parent’s customization).
  9. Parents can provide a third party account (restricted access) to a child’s therapist, coach, teacher, grandparent / other caretaker, etc.
  10. Children can be provided restricted access for free (information that is pertinent to them).
  11. A scholarship application for families who cannot afford it.
  12. Military families pay half (for one parent, not both).
  13. The cost is reasonable – $99 per parent for 1 year or $179.00 for 2 years.
  14. Professional accounts are free (when associated with the parent account), but you can also buy in bulk for your clients.
  15. Apps for KindleFire, for Blackberry, for Android, and for iPhone.

Rachel A. Elovitz is a domestic litigator who regularly serves as a guardian ad litem, representing the interests of children in custody, abuse, and neglect cases in Georgia’s Superior and Juvenile Courts.