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Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein, LLC’s founding partners, Rachel Elovitz, Regina Edwards, Gillian O’Nan & Austin Buerlein have 60 years combined experience. Our attorneys started their legal careers at larger firms, but appreciate the boutique firm feel and the individual attention they can provide their clients at EEOB.

Committed, Compassionate Lawyers

We understand that domestic relations cases are saturated with anxiety and emotion. Although divorce and custody cases involve legal processes, they are often edged in human conflict and feelings of rejection, resentment, and loss. Transitioning through these legal corridors calls for the kind of competent and compassionate counsel that the attorneys at EEOB provide.

Our Attorneys represent clients in all domestic relations actions and have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout Georgia. We practice in all of the metropolitan Atlanta and the surrounding counties and are skilled at handling all Divorce and Child Custody cases, including High Asset Divorces and Complex Custody Modifications.

Our experienced legal team are also skilled and trained as mediators and guardians ad litem.

Competent, Committed and Compassionate Counsel
in Family Law with an Emphasis on Families.

Handling All Family Law Matters

Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein, LLC, is a firm devoted exclusively to the practice of domestic relations law, including the preparation of prenuptial agreements and the handling actions for divorce, custody, paternity, legitimation, contempt, modification (of custody, child support, and alimony) and other domestic relations actions. Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein’s attorneys also represent the interests of children in custody and dependency (abuse and neglect) actions, and both Rachel Elovitz and Gillian O’Nan are skilled domestic relations mediators.

Our powerful Family Law Solutions include:


  • Separate Maintenance /Divorce / Marital Dissolution
  • Child Custody / Child Support
  • Contempt / Enforcement
  • Post-Divorce Modification
  • Protection from Family Violence
  • Paternity and Legitimation
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Personalized, Caring Counsel

At Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein, our attorneys enjoy getting to know our clients and find it incredibly rewarding to witness their transformation as a result of our hard work and expertise.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

The legal team at Elovtiz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein have more than 60 years of combined experience in family-focused legal practice.

Family Law Focused

A solid foundation in the law is the best foundation for a successful law practice. Our experienced family law attorneys stay on top of precedent and procedure within family law to help sharpen the avenues of relief we’re able to provide to families.

Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Rachel A. Elovitz


Regina I. Edwards


Gillian Fierer O’Nan


Austin Buerlein


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Our compassionate legal team assists families with the sensitive and emotional support necessary to effectively resolve any family law challenges.