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Competent, Committed and Compassionate Counsel in Family Law.

Compassionate Georgia Family Law Attorneys

We understand that domestic relations cases are saturated with anxiety and emotion.

Although divorce and custody cases involve legal processes, they are often edged in human conflict and feelings of rejection, resentment and loss.

Transitioning through these legal corridors calls for the kind of competent and compassionate counsel that the attorneys at Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein provide.

Paternity & Legitimation

Whether you are a father who is being denied the right to see your child or a single mother who is struggling to raise a child with little or no support from the child’s biological father, a paternity action may be needed to rectify either of these situations.

Divorce & Marital Dissolution

A divorce is the judicial termination of a marriage. It is the mechanism through which a marriage is legally dissolved. Our Family Law Attorneys specialize in providing compassionate and competent counsel during the divorce process. 

Child Custody & Child Support

As with most states, Georgia’s child support guidelines are based on a fairly rigid formula that takes into account a number of different factors in determining the financial obligations of the non-custodial parent.

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